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[Home Movies: Knott's Berry Farm and Disneyland]

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[Home Movies: Knott's Berry Farm and Disneyland]

Published 1960s circa

Cub Scouts waving at camera
M. Mouse leading parade down Main Street with castle in background
CU M. Mouse marching and promenading by camera
VS scenes in park, with monorail in background
Camera on boat, sailing by steamship Columbia, Indian chief waving to camera
Native American dancing around rocks, on painted surface; Cub Scouts watching
MS and CU people driving towards camera in small 1950s-style bumper cars, getting out and standing up (good)
VS looking down on tilt-a-whirl type ride with little cars shaped like pigs
MS mirror ball, top of ride, rotating with little pig on tup of it
VS Porky Pig characters walking by camera and into camera
Visitors standing unsteadily and balancing on shaky rope bridge
View from monorail of Matterhorn and other stuff
View of monorail entrance from monorail
View of submarine in river, from monorail
View of pirate ship (old sailing ship)
VS ride where people sit in giant rotating teacups (good)
Closeups of people in teacups rotating by camera and coming close to camera (great)
LS submarine going into underwater cave, through waterfall
VS storefronts in Western-style town (hotel, saloon, hardware store, opera house, etc.)
Steam train coming out of tunnel into Western-style town (good) by camera, passengers sitting in open cars pass by camera
Large sailing ship seen from below, pan up to show sails and masts (obscured partially by tree and leaves in foreground)
VS "Mark Twain" paddlewheel steamer sailing in lake; group on flat raft sails by
Tracking shot over Native American village, showing Indians working around tepees
Artificial mountain and artificial waterfalls, tracking shot by (from boat)
High angle looking down showing approx. 20 people paddling in large canoe (good)
Another shot heading around mountain and waterfalls, pan down (good)
Ext. night: fireworks in sky (not terribly distinct, looks like typical home movie fireworks; camera unsteady)

alternate shot list:

The scouts waving at the camera in front of the entrance
Going through ticket booths
Meeting the White Rabbit
Banner above Main Street "Welcome Boy Scouts of America"
Band Marching down Main Street led by Mickey, who then runs around Town
Vesey Walker conducting the band in Town Square
A short pan across Tomorrowland (Monorail, Submarine Voyage sign, Skyway,
the mysterious awnings)
South End of Tom Sawyer Island as viewed from the Mark Twain, empty Haunted
Mansion visible above trees
Keelboat and Columbia
Saluting Indian on Horse
Eagle Dance at the Ceremonial Dance Circle
Mark V Autopia
Band in Town Square again
Dumbo (from the Skyway)
Timothy Mouse in center of Dumbo with whip
Big Bad Wolf and Three Little Pigs
Swinging Bridge on Tom Sawyer Island
Submarine Lagoon, Matterhorn, Monorail Track seen from moving Monorail
Yacht Bar, Monorail coming in front of Matterhorn while riding Skyway toward
Submarine in Lagoon from Skyway
Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship Restaurant from Skyway
Teacups from Skyway
Teacups from ground level
Sub entering waterfall tunnel
Rainbow Ridge Buildings
Pack Mules
Mine Train coming into station
Mine Train leaving station past Mules
Columbia approaching dock (Mine Train visible behind it)
Mark Twain sailing away from dock, Tom Sawyer raft passing behind it
Indian Village
Waterfalls (Big Thunder?)
Canoe (obviously right behind the Mark Twain as the camera is on the Mark
Waterfalls again
Fireworks (not bad for a 60s home movie camera!)

Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: Deuce49 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 1, 2014
Subject: Disneyland 1960s
Good review of old time Disneyland, but not anything on Knott's Berry Farm
Reviewer: Spuzz - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 1, 2014
Subject: The unmentioned park with a familiar mouse
In this fascinating time warp, we see the D park circa late 60's early 70's I believe. It seems to be of Anaheim. Look! They still had the skyrides! Tom Sawyer's rafts! The familiar characters are there as well, the dumb dog, the well dressed mouse, the short gnomed men, etc etc. Surely a find for many people who like the D memorabilia.
Reviewer: Bopperton - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 6, 2013
Subject: The way it was...
I'm not sure why the title includes Knott's Berry Farm. This footage is only of Disneyland, probably around 1964 -and at the height of its glory. This is how I remember it when I visited there in 1971. It was pretty much like this. Many fun memories!
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